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[ Joseki Pattern Search ]
[ 8k - 1k Tsumego ]
[ 8k - 1k Tsumego ]
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[ Daily EndGame ]
Black plays, you will be 3D if you finish all elementary tsumego.
Elementary Problems :  800 Elementary Tsumego ,   7 Dead 8 Life ,   Rectangular Six ,   Bridge ,   Door ,   L group ,   J group ,   Duck ,   Mouse ,   Leaf ,   Bent four around the corner ,   Tripod group with extra leg ,   Long L group A ,   Long L group B ,   Carpenter's square ,   Other Basic tsumego ,   120 Elementary tsumego
Kifu Pattern Search( Pudu System )                More......   

Kifu Pattern Search
Play on the goban ( more then 3 moves, less than 30 moves ),
then click on the [ search ] button,
you will get all the kifu containing
your moves.

The Kifu Pattern could be :

1. The first 3-20 moves of a game.
2. A Joseki of a corner.   ( 11 x 11)
3. A Midgame of a side. ( 19 x 11 )

Click [ Here ] to get help.
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Standard Chinese Opening High Chinese Opening Mini Chinese Opening A
Mini Chinese Opening B Fuseki 1,3,5 Fuseki Kobayashi A
Fuseki Kobayashi B Fuseki Kobayashi C Fuseki Kobayashi D
Diagonal Star Points Four Star Points Three Star Points
Two Star Points White Kakari at Step 2 Black Kakari at Step 3
Star Point+Iron Pillar A Star Point+Ikken-Jimari A Star Point+Ogeima-Jimari A
Star Point+Iron Pillar B Star Point+Ikken-Jimari B Star Point+Ogeima-Jimari B
Iron Pillar+Komoku A Ikken-Jimari+Komoku A Ogeima-Jimari+Komoko A
Iron Pillar+Komoku B Iron Pillar+Komoku B Ikken-Jimari+Komoku B
Ogeima-Jimari+Komoko B Iron Pillar+Diagonal Star Iron Pillar+Diagonal Komoku A
Iron Pillar+Diagonal Komoku B Star Point+Komoku A Star Point+Komoku B
Star Point+Diagonal Komoku Rotating Komoku Facing Komoku
Diagonal Komoku Chinese Old Game Special Fuseki
Handicape Games Others Fuseki
Elementary Tsumego
  800 Elementary Tsumego
  Seven Dead Eight Life
  Rectangular Six
  Bridge , Door , L Group
  Duck , Mouse , Leave
  Long L group , J group
  Tripod group with extra leg
  Bent 4 around the corner
[ Weekly Midgame Pattern Search ]
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Tusuji Invasion and Erasure
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