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Tsumego List

Tsumego Pattern Search
Play on the goban then click on the [ search ] button.
you will get all the Tsumego containing your moves.
Please input only one color stones. ( 11 x 11 )
Tsumego Pattern Search Example

Class Tsumego Name
Fuseki Test Kobayashi Koichi Foseki Test
  Foseki Test 01
  Foseki Skills ( 100 Problems )

Elementary Tsumego 7 Dead 8 Life Rectangular Six Bridge Door
  J group Tripod group with leg Duck L group
  Leaf Mouse Long L Group A Long L Group B
  Bent four around the corner Carpenter's square Other Tsumego

Tsumego Books 1927 Simple Tsumego 800 Elementary Tsumego
  1307 Simple Tsumego 2278 Death and Life Tsumego
  1,000 Elementary Tsumego A 1,000 Elementary Tsumego B
  5,000 Elementary Tsumego Lee ChangHo Tsumego
  120 Elementary Tsumego Qi jing zhong miao 520 Tsumego
  Weiqi Skills 838 Tsumego  

Death and life TOM.com Elementary Tsumego TOM.com Middle level Tsumego
  TOM.com High level Tsumego  

Endgame Endgame skill Table 13 Endgame Tsumego
  1k Endgame Tsumego 1d Endgame Tsumego
  2d Endgame Tsumego  

Tusuji Yumiao Project Tusuji Tsumego TOM.com Tusuji Tsumego

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